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Our story
Canopy was born in a Singaporean shop house in 2015 - as part of the Mesitis Group. Clients of the group found it very difficult to obtain a holistic view of their wealth, and as such Canopy began its life extracting, standardizing, and enriching data from bank statements.

Canopy has since evolved and now helps financial institutions and wealth managers to connect their siloed data, analyze their data, and gain new insights into their business or market.

Canopy Solutions

Canopy - Financial Institutions

  Information is power Canopy helps financial institutions build big data ecosystems to maximize their returns. Connect systems Canopy has developed an open source data format that enables financial data to be aggregated seamlessly across several databases and systems. Our API solution sits on top of your existing infrastructure. Clean data Financial data is very difficult......

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Canopy - High Net Worth Individuals

Wealth consolidation and insights made simple Canopy utilizes the latest technology to make wealth aggregation simple and easy. All assets Consolidate all types of financial and non-financial data. Canopy can handle everything! All formats Provide any type of file format or source document. Canopy takes care of the data extraction. Easy uploads Drag and drop your files......

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Canopy - Wealth Professionals

Canopy utilizes new financial technology to empower wealth professionals. By automating the time consuming administrative tasks and assisting with insights we help wealth professionals to become better advisors. Automated admin Canopy is able to generate a to-the-cent accurate consolidated investment portfolio. Utilize the Canopy Reporter to easily generate standard or customized reports. Guided......

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