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Account connectivity and insights for a smart, seamless wealth management experience

Quovo enables wealth management professionals to give prospects a clear, engaging path to becoming clients—with digital tools to manage and review their finances, data to create rich investor profiles, and connectivity that eliminates key hurdles to funding new accounts

Quovo is a data platform that provides account connectivity and insights for a smart, seamless wealth management experience. The company’s technology retrieves, organizes, and analyzes the data held in millions of consumer financial accounts across more than 14,000 different institutions to provide wealth managers with actionable insights.

Quovo’s coverage not only includes a wide range of institutions but also the full breadth of financial account types. Leading portfolio software management firms, including Orion and Black Diamond, partner with Quovo to offer their advisors the technology to deliver holistic financial advice and prospect more effectively.

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Quovo connects with the full breadth of account types so that an advisor can understand a client's or potential client's finances to inform targeted, actionable opportunities for valuable guidance and advice. From the leading retail banks to "long tail" financial institutions, Quovo collects robust account data from over 14,000 financial institutions......

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Reduce the friction, errors, and administrative confusion that usually slow down client onboarding and new account funding—whether ACH cash payments or ACATs investment account transfers. Seamlessly collect transfer information from delivering institutions to fund accounts quickly and reliably....

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Construct a holistic view of a client's financial life and deliver and engaging experiences that will attract and retain clients. Connect investor accounts to instantly generate suitability profiles around financial needs, experience levels, and risk....

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Confidently determine the suitability of financial advice and products by connecting investor accounts to better understanding a client's financial needs, experience levels, and risk exposure. Monitor changes in finances and cash flow across accounts to proactively inform and adjust advice....

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