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Hof Hoorneman launches investment management app

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| 04/03/2019 12:00:00

Hof Hoorneman Bankiers has launched a mobile app. The investment management firm wants to offer its clients even more insight and service. Hof Hoorneman offers widely spread investment portfolios and specials to high net worth customers. It also offers various accessible investment solutions for anyone that want to accumulate assets. With the app, clients can buy and sell investments and transfer funds to and from their accounts. They also have a unique insight into exactly which organizations their assets are invested in. Traditionally the private bank focuses on the consumer that seeks an accessible, stable and reliable bank. "Aside from 'personal and accessible' the terms 'ease and transparency' are key to our services. Continuous insight into the underlying portfolio is part of that." thus says Jaco Aardoom, Managing Director. The app, developed in collaboration with Virtual Affairs, is available for Android and iOs (both iPhone and iPad).

There are various news paper clippings on Aardoom's wall. An article with the quote 'In a world that digitizes faster the question is not whether you join in, but how' is posted prominently. This motto is characteristic for the Hof Hoorneman choices. "Our client wants to have access to both personal contact and digital facilities.", Aardoom continues. "As an investment banker you have to answer to that client need. After all, the modern consumer wants insight and ease of use at any moment and on any device. For us, it's an added service towards the client, where we still have a central role for us as a private banker. In person contact is still and will remain one of the main pillars of our services." Virtual Affairs built apps in a short period of time based on the product InvestmentRight, that can offer that additional service. "Hof Hoorneman instantly takes a lead in the market in user friendly and transparant digital communication with this app", Annelie van den Boomen, Business Developer Investments at Virtual Affairs, explains. 

Personal and reliable
The current version of the app, according to Aardoom, is just a first step. "We continue to expand our digital services. The intent is to provide additional service and comfort to our current clients. They are our focus." Virtual Affairs will stay on as strategic partner and development agency for the expansion of the digital platform of Hof Hoorneman. Basis for this expansion is a client approach that matches the Hof Hoorneman identity. "We want our clients to experience that we are there for them when they need us. Virtual Affairs has been an inspiration and sounding board when it comes to client friendly digital interaction." Van den Boomen explains: "We can consult using our experience with clients like Van Lanschot, Optimix, InsingerGilissen and Prospery, bringing knowledge of both digital client interaction and customer engagement, but also the specific challenges an investment banker faces professionally. 

Digital future
"Digital communication will only become more important. It explicitly comes in addition to and not in stead of in person contact. We expect the emphasis of our in person contact with our clients to shift to conversations on the whole of their assets rather than just the part invested at Hof Hoorneman.", Aardoom explains, "Insight into their portfolio and the growth of their assets are already provided online 24/7 through the app." Hof Hoorneman expects to innovate more during the upcoming years. 

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