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SAA Verzekeringen embraces new concept Virtual Affairs

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| 05/12/2018 16:41:44

SAA and Virtual Affairs have entered a long-term partnership. SAA wil start to use the new proposition of InsuranceRight: the platform for customer interaction. This makes SAA the first party to join the SAAS (Software as a service) version of InsuranceRight. Virtual Affairs has been serving banking and insurance services at national and international levels for years. Various direct and intermediary insurance propositions already use the marketing possibilities of InsuranceRight, but so far only through an on-premise installation. By the middle of this year, Virtual Affairs added a SAAS proposition to make a high-end market proposition available for the top segment of independent intermediary organizations.

“We want to grow in our role as an ‘intermediary new style’", according to Michiel Slootweg of SAA. “In order to achieve this, we have to serve customers in a more targeted and personal way through digital channels. SAA already had a powerful internal organization for digital customer service. By using InsuranceRight we can focus on our development and at the same time rely on continued development of the marketing opportunities and online innovation from InsuranceRight.”

With the new proposition, Virtual Affairs connects to a growing need in the market for best of wide customer experience solutions. “We already serve intermediaries in labels such as IAK and UMG, and intermediary organizations have a unique position in relation to customers and need high-end digital channels that fit in with this. A solution that uses technology such as artificial intelligence and chat bots can mean a lot, but often requires a disproportionate investment”, says Enrico Pruis, business development director at Virtual Affairs. “With this SAAS solution, we can meet the needs of the intermediary in an appropriate manner and unlock technology that would otherwise not be accessible. We will continue to explore the possibilities for further matching with parties with an intermediary character.”

About Virtual Affairs
Virtual Affairs is an international software and services company specializing in the development, expansion and renewal of digital channels for banks and insurers. For more than 20 years, Virtual Affairs has been committed to creating innovative digital solutions – partly based on its own software products InsuranceRightBankingRight and InvestmentRight – where our customer’s customer is always at the center. We help banks and insurance companies make the difference, not only in more turnover and lower operating costs, but also in customer satisfaction, a distinctive brand experience and optimum user-friendliness. Virtual Affairs is a certified Sitecore Platinum Implementation Partner, EMEA Silver Technology Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner. Virtual Affairs is part of We are you.

About SAA
Samenwerkende Assurantie Adviseurs (Cooperating Insurance Consultants), SAA for short, is an all-round and leading player in the insurance market. Since its foundation in 1982, as an independent insurance intermediary, we have been steadily working on further growth and professionalization of the company. As our name indicates, we are “collaborators”. We also do this with all parties that can make a valuable contribution to the operation of our customers. In the meantime, SAA is one of the few that are actually independent, partly because of our many partnerships. This means that banks or insurers do not have shares in the company or determine direction.

As a renowned consultancy firm, SAA understands the profession of advice like no other. Private and business relations are assisted in a proactive way with advice and action. SAA is there to map and hedge the financial risks. This in a clear, honest and responsible way.

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