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WDX1 Client Engagement module overview

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The multi-award-winning, fully integrated, end to end digital CLM solution, WDX1, addresses the key industry challenges presented by the complex requirements of client lifecycle management and the orchestration of key activities. These include client acquisition, client engagement, digital onboarding, regulatory compliance, relationship management, client servicing and business intelligence. WDX1 comprises 3...

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by Wealth Dynamix
| 08/07/2019 11:56:45

Attract prospects, engage clients, assist advisors with the WDX1 Client Engagement module

Increase prospect conversion, stimulate client interactions and engage your advisor force. Deliver on your business growth targets with our innovative client engagement solutions.

Our ENGAGE module not only engages your prospects and enhances client relationships, but also improves your advisor retention, thus, helping you grow and deliver success.

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