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The unconflicted alternative for advisers

We started in 2015, with WealthO2 MDA and WealthO2 Managed Accounts launching in 2016. As industry practitioners, we saw these two areas as places technology could most easily rectify the pain financial advice practices were feeling. In bringing automation to compliance, execution processing, broker data connectivity, rebalancing and sophisticated performance and analytics, we think we’ve successfully tackled this problem and brought efficiency and scalability to financial advice firms.

Next, we turned to managed funds. Trading managed funds through platforms is extremely expensive, and mFunds has seen sluggish uptake. Enter WealthO2 uXchange. An alternative to both platforms and mFunds, it slots perfectly into existing workflows and offers lower cost and higher transparency than any other option.

Finally, we looked at super. We wanted to develop a different option for superannuation for advisers and their clients – something new, that sits between a super fund and an SMSF, and at a fee comparable to an Industry Super fund. WealthO2 Super Simplifier gives members the personalisation, transparency and flexibility of an SMSF, but for a fraction of the cost. Under this approach, advisers and clients work together to choose a mix of assets that will best meet the goals of each investor. Like an SMSF, client assets are held in individual accounts, but unlike an SMSF, the trustee is APRA-regulated. The benefits of efficiency and scale this model offers means clients enjoy a customised, flexible investment experience but without the SMSF price tag.

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WO2 Managed Accounts Efficient, low cost adviser software solution. WO2 MDA Operator Automated, flexible, more efficient managed discretionary accounts. WO2 Funds Exchange Easy, low-cost, high-efficiency managed fund trading. WO2 Superannuation SMSF-like super with the transparency, without the cost. WealthO2 empowers people, the advisers and the clients, both technologically through innovative efficient solutions as well as commercially, enabling reduction......

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