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Build your own digital wealth platform in one day

By Uday Nimmakayala, CEO & Founder, WealthObjects

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by WealthObjects
| 12/09/2018 18:01:47

Imagine launching a digital wealth platform in one day.....If there could be an online market place where one investment professional + one technology developer + one operations personnel can join together where they can drag and drop various technology and business elements to build a platform that suits their own business model, with their own investment strategies and products, and for the geography they want to launch in. The output of this process should be a regulatory compliant platform that can be immediately launched to go 'live' with no more than a day's work. And yes, they can add additional features too...similar to the idea of picking features and building your own car with few clicks ready to be taken delivery in a day.

Now assume that you launched your platform and it is doing well, you might want to scale to other geographies in regional languages in a few easy clicks. Perhaps you would like to request the regulator of a particular geography to access the platform before being approved and with a quicker turnaround time as regulators across the globe will start to cooperate and become more digitally savvy.

Such a 'build your own' democratised marketplace provides consumer markets with greater competition where strong investment professionals with little capital can launch their own platform in no time and reach a wider customer base. These platforms have an immense opportunity to compete with large organisations by offering enhanced and differentiated services at a fraction of the cost.

If technology is going to create the social divide in the society, why not we try to bridge that gap by providing firms of all sizes with next gen technology tools in a marketplace? Remember what AWS did for cloud computing and WIX did for websites? Scaling and launching in a few clicks was far from possible a decade ago but today it is part of our daily lives. Why not make this a reality for digital wealth platforms too?

I strongly believe that all of the above is possible and soon. At WealthObjects, we are in pursuit of making this a reality.

Our aim is to be 'The Wealth Tech Specialist'. Our purpose is 'Taking Wealth Digital'.