The Global Market Network for Wealth Managers

The Wealth Mosaic is an essential knowledge resource for participants of the global wealth management sector, bringing together in one ecosystem all forms of wealth management firms and all relevant solution providers.


For Wealth Managers

A Curated Discovery Resource

A free-to-use digital marketplace for all types of wealth managers. The Wealth Mosaic supports wealth managers in the easy discovery, understanding and engagement with all of the solutions, solution providers and knowledge resources relevant to their business needs.

For Solution Providers

A Dedicated Marketing Channel

A cost-effective and focused channel to support the ongoing positioning, marketing and exposure of your business, solutions and all relevant knowledge resources towards wealth managers. Allowing solution providers to easily showcase who they are, what they do and what they think.


Welcome to The Wealth Mosaic

In a rapidly and constantly changing environment, wealth managers needs a focused, up-to-date and accessible channel through which to discover, understand and engage with relevant resources, while solution providers need a cost-efficient and flexible channel to reach this audience.


We structure solutions, solution providers and knowledge resources into dedicated marketplaces to support your discovery, understanding and engagement needs.

Technology & Data

additiv Advisor

Client Engagement & Management - Digital Platforms & Tools

additiv DFS

Client Engagement & Management - Digital Platforms & Tools

Robo Advisor

Digital (Robo) Investing

Interactive Advisor

Client Engagement & Management - Client Marketing & Prospecting

Onboarding for Wealth

Client Onboarding - Compliance & Regulation

Regulatory Reviews for Wealth

Compliance & Regulation

Business Change and Cost Transformation

Business Strategy & Advisory - Technology Strategy & Consulting

Data & Technology Solutions

Business Strategy & Advisory - Technology Strategy & Consulting


Cyber & Network Security


Client Engagement & Management - Investment Platforms & Tools


Financial Planning


Cyber & Network Security


Cyber & Network Security

IMVS Wealth Management Solution

Client Engagement & Management - Portfolio & Wealth Management Systems


Compliance & Regulation - Digital Platforms & Tools

indigita API

Compliance & Regulation - Digital Platforms & Tools


Compliance & Regulation - Digital Platforms & Tools


Client Communications & Reporting - Document Management

WordPress for Finance

Client Marketing & Prospecting - Software Development & Management

moneyinfo wealth

Client Engagement & Management - Data Management & Analysis

Operational Excellence

Business Strategy & Advisory - Technology Implementation & Management

Orbium Digital

Business Strategy & Advisory - Proposition Design, Development & Delivery

SS&C Advent Wealth Management Solution

Portfolio & Wealth Management Systems

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Legal & Regulatory

Our team is engaging with a range of relevant solution providers right now in order to define the structure of our Legal & Regulatory marketplace.
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Knowledge Resources

Keep up-to-date with the most dedicated resource for wealth managers which includes relevant news, developments and industry trends.