Benefits for Solution Providers

The Wealth Mosaic is a dedicated market network to support vendors with the positioning, marketing and sales of their solutions to their target buyers within the global wealth management sector.

When a wealth manager is searching for a new solution or for knowledge around a specific business need, TWM offers vendors a channel to support the discovery, understanding and engagement with their solutions from target buyers across the world.

The benefits that The Wealth Mosaic brings to solution providers include:

Build profile and awareness in a low cost way

The Wealth Mosaic is a dedicated channel that allows solution providers to build strong and informative profiles for each of their solutions and business to a targeted global audience in a low cost way. Each profile is positioned to be discovered and understood by wealth management buyers and therefore support and enhance a solution provider’s visibility, positioning and engagement in this market.

Build compelling value propositions for your solutions

The marketplace allows each profile to be supported with a wide range of marketing, knowledge and media materials such as news, research insights, blogs, social media feeds, videos, client testimonials, solution presentations and factsheets. These come from the solution provider and can also be created together with The Wealth Mosaic team. This enables a solution provider to build compelling value propositions for their solutions and their business and a stronger chance of being discovered by relevant wealth managers.

Access global opportunities

By profiling its solutions and business on The Wealth Mosaic a solution provider can reach far beyond its traditional markets and engage more sales opportunities from potential overseas buyers. As The Wealth Mosaic serves the global wealth management sector, the platform provides a significantly more cost effective and rich channel for solution providers to build awareness and sales opportunities in new markets.

Targeted marketing, support & insights

A solution provider can use The Wealth Mosaic to promote its entire solution set or just a specific solution to its target campaigns as well as insights on what solutions are in demand across the globe to help ensure marketing campaigns are effective.

Clear, consolidated and up-to-date content

The Wealth Mosaic enables solution providers to create and build clear, consolidated and up-to-date profiles on their business managers.

Build market knowledge

The Wealth Mosaic is a rich resource of knowledge that is beneficial to both wealth management firms and solution providers. This is not a static resource but one that is constantly evolving and being supported by The Wealth bringing that knowledge back into the platform. Furthermore, the platform is enabled with needs, preferences and potential market trends. Solution providers can access and benefit from this knowledge to inform and update their market knowledge and positioning.

These are our headline benefits to support solution providers in effectively engaging with and winning business in the global wealth management sector. Of course, there are numerous other benefits that solution providers can access through using our platform and working with our team and we look forward to showcasing these to our solution provider subscribers as they work with us.

Benefits for Wealth Managers

For wealth managers, The Wealth Mosaic is a dedicated resource to support their solution discovery, understanding and engagement needs as well as access to related knowledge resources.

Whether searching for a new solution or access to knowledge around a business need, The Wealth Mosaic is a dedicated go-to resource of solutions and related knowledge to the broad business needs of wealth managers.

The benefits that The Wealth Mosaic brings to wealth managers include:

Comprehensive market coverage

The Wealth Mosaic marketplace will be the most comprehensive directory of solutions and related knowledge resources relevant to the business needs of the global wealth management sector. This platform allows wealth managers of all types and in all locations to discover, understand and engage with both long established solution providers as well as new entrants. The Wealth Mosaic has been built to enable wealth managers to search according to their business need and find solution providers that can solve their problems regardless of their location or profile.

Detailed information on solutions and solution providers

As well as having a comprehensive coverage of solutions, The Wealth Mosaic enables each solution provider to build compelling value propositions for each of their relevant solutions. This provides wealth managers with easy consolidated access to detailed information on solutions to speed up and improve their discovery, understanding and engagement processes.

Cost efficient and fast

The dedication and depth of The Wealth Mosaic saves wealth managers significant time, money and resource in the search for relevant solutions and knowledge resources to their business needs. Rather than a slow, disjointed and incomplete process of information gathering, the platform gives users access to every relevant solution, solution provider and related content piece in one place. The platform therefore enables faster, more cost-efficient and resource completeness to support decision making.

Intelligent and flexible

While The Wealth Mosaic is both global and complete so a wealth manager can access every solution and knowledge resource relevant to their business need, the system is also intelligent and built to allow flexible filtering on a deeper set of requirements. Users can refine their search by various filters to discover the solutions, solution providers and related content pieces that are specifically related to their precise business needs.

Live and constantly engaged

The Wealth Mosaic is a constantly updated resource covering new solutions, updates to solutions and related knowledge resources. Moreover, our team is also constantly engaged with the market to understand business needs and market trends and to bring this knowledge to bear for the benefit of both sides of the marketplace.

Additional online and offline support

As well as a flexible and rich online resource, The Wealth Mosaic can provide wealth management firms with off-line support to help them with various of their business needs. This can include the capability to post projects on the platform, seek offline support in procurement processes, to use our knowledge to support internal education and events, and attend and support other efforts from The Wealth Mosaic such as research and events.

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