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Technology & Data solutions are increasingly crucial to the efficient and successful delivery of wealth management services. As the diverse demands on the business of wealth management have grown year-on-year, and themes like digitalisation have become more embedded into the sector's operational and strategic mindset, so the realm of Technology & Data solutions has moved centre stage.

Alongside that, whether in new solutions or the adaptation of existing solutions, there is now an unprecedented level of development in the number, type and focus of Technology & Data solutions targeted at the business needs of wealth management firms and their clients. The vendors in this marketplace are tagged to 24 business needs to help wealth managers find what they looking for as easily as possible.     

Our Technology & Data marketplace currently comprises over 4,000 solutions from 1,500+ solution providers from across the globe. The directory of solutions can be searched by 24 Business Needs categories to help make finding what you are looking for easier. This marketplace is further supported by an increasing range of knowledge resources from participants across the world.

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