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One-stop access to decentralized finance

Optimize your trades across hundreds of DEXes on multiple networks

The 1inch exchange is a decentralized exchange, or DEX, aggregator. Rather than working as an exchange itself, it splits orders between other DEXs and private liquidity providers to find the best possible exchange rates.

At 1inch Exchange, connecting a web3 wallet and then swapping ERC-20 tokens at the best possible rates is a simple process. The exchange will even split orders between several exchanges if that’s what it takes to get the best rate for an entire order.

It is also possible to create limit orders at 1inch, earn by staking 1INCH tokens, and supply liquidity to the 1inch liquidity pools.

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1inch Aggregation Protocol The protocol sources liquidity from various exchanges and is capable of splitting a single trade transaction across multiple DEXes to ensure the best rates. 1inch Limit Order Protocol Enjoy the most innovative and flexible limit order functionality in DeFi. 1inch Liquidity Protocol Earn with 1inch by providing liquidity to pools and collect......

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