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Saving Advisors & Brokers Time and Money with Customized Back Office Services & Data Analytics Tools

Abakus Group partners with Investment Managers, Family Offices, Financial Advisors & Brokers who seek to grow their businesses

To evolve a business and serve clients in today's fast-paced and complex market environment, it's vital to promote efficiency and focus on core competencies.

Our mission at Abakus is to help you serve your clients more effectively. Today’s high net worth client expects higher levels of service; by partnering with an experienced partner like us, you can position your firm to exceed those expectations.

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Increase top line revenues Protect clients' investments Serve clients in a more systematic way Jaamoon with its real-time analytical capabilities generates intuitive information that is actionable, measurable and conclusive. Jaamoon with its investor-centric business processes ensures investors are sufficiently reached, their investments are protected and the organizations' research information is capitalized in full. Jaamoon with......

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At Abakus, we work with a wide variety of financial services firms, including single family offices, multi family offices, separately managed account providers, wealth managers and financial advisory firms to deliver top-notch reporting tools to clients. Our services are designed to take the burden off you by managing middle and......

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Reporting & Consolidation

Our services are designed simplify office procedures by: Streamlining recording of investment transactions Analyzing and measuring client portfolio performance Aggregating data from various sources Tracking vital operational and financial information Generating customized client reports An investment in technology via back office reporting has the potential to pay off in many ways. Our clients find that their......

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