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Interactive Advisor's intelligent recommendation engine helps financial advisors deliver content that fully matches client profiles and preferences at any point within the client journey. In turn, they gain key insights into what their clients want

Adviscent partners with chief investment officers and research departments that create and distribute research and investment advice to clients, prospects and client advisors. As an acknowledged advisory enabler, it helped transform the advisory business of reputable banks and financial institions

Most advisors in banks are overwhelmed and struggling to find relevant content and ideas for their clients. And as there is an increase in technology, mainly from the regulatory angle at the expense of the client communication, low touch experience occurs.

What if you had personalized and targeted content recommendations that you could share with your clients in order to foster dialogue and therefore delivering a high touch experience?

At Adviscent, we developed a savvy content hub called Interactive Advisor for content creation. As Client Advisors remain key to private banking business models, Interactive Advisor increases their reach and impact by providing them with the right content at the right time in the right format.

Adviscent AG Interactive Advisor

Client Engagement & Management, Client Marketing & Prospecting, Investment Platforms & Tools


Interactive Advisor – in a nutshell...


Managing the Research and Offering content creation process

  • Create investment research and offering content based on predefined data structures for equity reports, structured products, asset classes, countries and regions
  • Base content creation on industry standards like open fund standard
  • Benefit from built-in market data feeds to automate the creation process

Overviewing the research and offering content publishing process

  • Coordinate different functions from the investment office, research and offering department
  • Manage translations and local versions
  • Preview content in all form factors – HTML – Web- Mobile and PDF

Orchestrating the distribution of research and offering content

  • Use your content in a specific business context for prospecting, retention, pricing and share of wallet use cases
  • Benefit from our API library to integrate the content on your preferred channel and format
  • Leverage our standard integrations into leading core banking systems like avaloq or Wealth Management Platforms like additiv


Being more precise and personal in the outreach communication for prospecting, having the right talking points to prevent churn or to suggest next best actions in order to increase share of wallet is key for a successful interaction and communication with wealth management and private banking clients.

The challenge in a digital age is to scale a personalized client advisory experience to deliver the high touch experience private banking clients expect.

Interactive Advisor is a savvy content hub for research analysts, investment writers, sales managers and other content owners to create, manage and distribute investment content. 

With Interactive Advisor you can leverage and orchestrate content from the investment office, from research and offering departments across the client relationship lifecycle.

Smart content solutions amplify the reach and impact of client advisors ensuring personalization at scale.



Key Data

Year launched
Type of Clients
  • Asset Managers
  • Bank Wealth Managers
Client Regional Presence
  • Western Europe

Interactive Advisor

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