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Client meeting preparation: 5 tips to prepare client meetings in wealth management

By Maria Alice Roche, Product Marketeer, Apiax

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by Apiax
| 28/07/2021 12:00:00

In this article, we share 5 tips for relationship managers on how to prepare prior to a meeting to leverage every client meeting as an opportunity to build trust and confidence. 

Meetings with clients as well as prospects are crucial for the success of any financial institution. It is important for relationship managers to prepare them well.

Clients, particularly in the private banking and wealth management sectors, require specialist advice best provided via personal interaction. A well-executed client meeting is always an opportunity to build trust and confidence.

One of the best ways to ensure the meeting is well-executed is through preparation. Here are 5 client meeting preparation tips that help wealth managers and private bankers prepare well for client meetings.

1. Research your client (or prospect)
Understanding the client or prospect is key to a successful client meeting. It can be very helpful if you do some research before the meeting. Do you understand what this person cares about most? What kind of advice are they most likely to be looking for? Do you know their hobbies and interests? Have you solicited prior notes? Whether you’ve done your research or not will show in the meeting, and it will go a long way toward a successful client meeting in wealth management and private banking.

2. Showcase your professionalism
This should go without saying, but clients expect extremely professional communication, whether by letter, phone or email. Client meeting preparation is crucial. It is also best practice to share your business card and resume so that clients can better understand your own background and get in touch with you whenever they want.

But professionalism doesn’t end there. Let your office know about client meetings so everyone can be on their best behavior. Make sure you’re on time for the client meeting and that someone is taking care of the client when you’re not. If you are meeting outside, be sure to choose a spot that allows you to have a conversation with the client. Make sure you either reserve the ideal table or arrive early to secure the best seat at your preferred coffee place. 

3. Make it easy to join the meeting
Make sure the client knows where to meet you. When you meet at your office, let them know the location and all the access information. Send a reminder the day before to make sure they have all the information. And while you’re at it, take the opportunity to let them know you’re looking forward to the meeting.

When you schedule a virtual meeting, make sure the customer knows where to log in and is ready with the right software to join the meeting. Let them know the login details. If the customer can’t log in to your environment, make sure you have a backup plan. Not everyone is able to install new software or create new user accounts on the spot.

4. Ensure regulatory compliance
How to ensure regulatory compliance
 in client meetings is a pressing issue as regulatory constraints in the financial services industry and especially in wealth management are at an all-time high. 

Both geographic mobility and the use of digital tools such as video conferencing solutions can lead to the assumption that financial services can be provided or discussed at any time and everywhere. This is not the case at all.

For example, some jurisdictions are more relaxed with institutional clients or reverse solicitation, others with offering services to existing clients or investment products registered in the country. The financial and reputational risks of non-compliance are substantial. This clearly shows why regulatory compliance is important

A clear understanding of the do’s and don’ts in a given client interaction is an essential part of a successful exchange. It is difficult for clients to understand why lengthy compliance clarifications are required, and there is a real risk of losing business. So you better come prepared!

5. Present your differentiators
What sets you apart from the competition? Make sure to have your differentiators ready. In fact, receiving tailored, value-added products and services is one of the main demands from clients. Even if you are not asked directly, make sure to communicate clearly how your offering sets you apart from your competition. Do you offer better performance? Do you make sure that your products and services better match the client’s preferences? Or is it your team, personality or process that makes you unique? Make sure to point it out with confidence.

Client meetings are a key touchpoint in wealth management, so it’s important to prepare them well. It’s critical for relationship managers to research their clients, show their professionalism, make it easy to attend the meeting, ensure compliance, and present what their unique selling proposition is.

What we provide in this article is a client meeting preparation checklist, a client meeting preparation template for ambitious relationship managers. When client advisors are prepared like this, they can go into any meeting with confidence and use it as an opportunity to build their relationship with the client and ultimately drive their business forward. 

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