Solution introduction

The importance of customer relationship management has come to the forefront in the financial sector. We have developed a number of services to support this effort with focus on data as well as the distribution of information

In the last few years, an important goal for many asset managers has been to ensure the flow of client and fund information in a near-real-time manner.

Having a “dashboard-style” view of one’s business, as well as the evolution of tools like Salesforce and Salespage, has placed a firm emphasis on ensuring that the correct connectivity is in place to provide this vital business intelligence. Clients also need to ensure that the data model supporting the representation and flow of this information is vetted and implemented.

Many factors can affect the accuracy of this data, such as the need for firms to be fund administrators, accountants and custodians all at once, and the fact that services are being put in place to provide a stronger industry-wide representation of client hierarchy, fund Ts&Cs and fact sheets.

Axxsys is well placed to provide advisory and implementation services focusing on the provision of stronger business intelligence across our clients’ organisations.

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