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People first. Solutions follow

Today’s global challenges demand new thinking. Our people-centered management and technology consultancy brings innovative solutions

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We are an independent management and technology consultancy with European roots. Our global network spans over 70 countries and 13,000 people. We operate in three business units: Consulting, Products, and Capital.

Our services and purpose
With our support, clients in world leading organizations are able to achieve measurable success. Taking action to support our planet and its people is at the heart of what we do. We strive to demonstrate that sustainability is a meaningful ambition by actively launching initiatives to protect both society and the environment.

BearingPoint Solutions


Given the growing pressure on your clients to be tax transparent in their home countries, you need to meet their increasing demands for fiscal reports. This allows clients to easily file their tax returns with the relevant information on income from interest and dividends and capital gains on wealth. While......

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With the increasing complexity and frequency of reports and the more stringent attitude of regulators, the need for automation increased. Right from the start, we worked with banking packages to develop a standard interface. This allowed banks changing their banking system to implement FiRE without too much effort. Every year, up to......

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Since 2001, BearingPoint continuously enhanced its FiTAX tax reporting solution. One of the main challenges faced by financial institutions is to stay up to date with the ever-changing reporting requirements imposed by the tax authorities (IRS, European Union...), which frequently request evolutions in electronic files and reports. Monitoring and implementing......

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