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BhFS applies cutting edge research to the development of innovative solutions for your investment and advisory process, customer relationship management, and reporting

We offer state-of-the-art methodologies for your investment and advisory process. Our methodologies involve investor styles, client profiling and mapping clients’ profiles against your investment universe. Our methodologies are available to be specialized for your specific needs, and to be appropriately integrated and implemented in your processes. We also develop new behavioural finance concepts and models following your specific needs.

Our advisory model: Diagnostics. Learning. Profiling.

  • Diagnostics: Customer segmentation and investment style
    Diagnostics consists of questions and interactive games (if digitalized) which measure your clients’ emotionality, financial knowledge and investment style. The result is a classification of your clients based on behavioural finance criteria.
  • Learning: Align clients’ expectations with what the market offers, and correct misjudgements
    Well informed investors have better investment discipline and more realistic expectations. Our learning concept consists of interactive questionnaires and learning games which address the key aspects of investing and typical investment mistakes. These instruments can be used to support the advisory process.
  • Profiling: Understand your clients’ preferences and needs and optimally match them with your investment solutions
    Behavioural and experimental finance have gathered strong empirical evidence which shows that real investors’ attitude to risk differs from classic assumption regarding risk preferences. We have developed behavioural decision-making models to describe clients’ preferences and needs. Our models can be applied to the evaluation of your investment solutions in order to find the optimal match for your clients.

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