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Discovering competitive advantage within compliance

Regulators demand compliance. Banks need competitive advantage. Our FRC strategies, operational experience and RegTech expertise overcome complexity to deliver both.

Finance and risk convergence
Volatility in the regulatory landscape has deeply impacted financial and risk management practices. New regulations have created new complexities, high implementation costs and an increase in risk reporting. Although subject to different schedules, these new regulations – CCAR, DFAST and others – intertwine and should be dealt with cohesively.

The financial services industry faces an operational and technology challenge to comply with its increasing regulatory obligations. Institutions must not only comply, but do so efficiently and cost-effectively to stay competitive. Compliance and risk management strategies must also assure organizational integrity and protect shareholder value.

Dealing effectively with this challenge requires the support of experts who understand how finance and risk converge. This includes knowledge of data supply chains, governance and reporting processes, as well as how they interconnect. Capco’s deep expertise in these areas forms the foundation of our solutions for finance and risk management.

Capco’s record of successful delivery shows that we command a unique understanding of current and upcoming finance and risk data management challenges. We understand precisely how risk and finance converge at the data level, and we know how to use this to successfully implement risk management and compliance programs aimed at complex regulations. To drive positive impact predictably and cost-effectively, Capco’s solutions also include accelerators for scenario analysis and rapid prototyping, and for the data supply chain, alongside a comprehensive and tested data model.

Finance and risk convergence is one of the toughest challenges the financial services industry faces. Capco’s knowledge and experience effectively managing finance and risk data gives us the ability and visionary perspective to empower our clients to overcome it.

Regulatory reporting
For financial institutions, regulatory reporting has graduated from byproduct to prime focus. In an environment of constant and complex regulatory expansion backed by rigorous sanctions, the financial services industry must anticipate and document current and future risk exposures. The required scope is deeper and broader, and institutions must manage increased complexity in reduced timeframes, requiring a more thorough approach than ever before.

Regulatory reporting needs to provide a comprehensive view of an institution’s positions at any given moment. Responsive and accurate visibility of complex data derived from multiple sources relies on procedures that must be as effective as they are sophisticated. In response, the industry seeks comprehensive solutions, with particular focus on models, data – including data lineage – control frameworks, quality assurance and implementation.

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Capco has recently undergone a seismic change, and we are now independently shaping our future as one of the leading global financial services management consultancies. Our clients, too, are dealing with......

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Cybersecurity and resilience services
In this age of the internet of things, it is time to think differently about managing cyberrisk.

An effective cybersecurity architecture allows an organization to develop and maintain its strategic and competitive advantage. Information, technologies and personnel are critical assets distributed throughout an organization and form the foundation of its operational infrastructure.

An effective cybersecurity architecture allows an organization to develop and maintain its strategic and competitive advantage. Information, technologies and personnel are critical assets distributed throughout an organization and form the foundation of its operational infrastructure.

Enterprise risk management
ERM governance, programs, training and co-sourcing.

In an intensely competitive environment faced with ever increasing regulatory pressures, leading financial institutions have found that an effective risk management program can unlock superior earnings, higher customer satisfaction and reduced regulatory scrutiny. Developing a sound enterprise risk management (ERM) framework can significantly help to:

  • Minimize operational losses
  • Break down operational silos
  • Ensure alignment with risk appetite and tolerance
  • Support a culture of risk awareness and ownership
  • Create accurate, timely reporting on risk issues
  • Increase shareholder value and competitive advantage

Financial crime
As we rely more heavily on technology and the internet, the probability and severity of financial crime continues to increase. In fact, financial crime has become firmly established as one of the largest threats to financial institutions. Its impact is more than monetary: Financial crime can cause serious reputational damage that adversely affects growth and customer retention. In response, governments have taken a larger role, increasing regulations and sanctions in recent years.

Financial services institutions have no choice but to respond effectively. That means taking proactive steps in the selection and onboarding of clients. It also requires developing strong enterprise-wide infrastructure, processes, procedures, policies and governance. The goal of preventing internal and external exposure to the immense risks of financial crime must stay front-of-mind at all times.

Compliance risk management
Easing the burden of regulatory requirements
The regulatory environment is increasingly complex and always changing, and failure to maintain compliance carries stiff financial and reputational consequences. Capco consulting can help you assess your risk, develop a comprehensive compliance management system (CMS), establish customized policies and procedures, educate your staff, monitor and test for ongoing compliance, remediate apparent violations of law and other compliance weaknesses, generate useful management reports and successfully prepare for and respond to regulatory examinations.

DOL fiduciary rule and retirement accounts
Our DOL Fiduciary Rule solutions provide a holistic approach to complying with the rule. They range from building understanding of the rule’s tenets and business impacts to implementing and adopting business practice changes. We offer solutions in four areas:

1. Strategic response – We empower clients with an understanding of the overall effect of the revised fiduciary standard and its impact on people, processes and technology. We then guide clients in assessing business response options, defining business impact scenarios and determining their optimal solution.

2. Operating model assessment – Capco helps clients identify which of their retirement segment, business functions and business model processes will be impacted. Then, we identify any gaps in current and planned initiatives and develop a business and technical architecture.

3. Retirement transformation office – We act as a central hub for managing all aspects of change resulting from DOL regulation. From this focal point, Capco supports clients in multiple ways, including creating a program governance structure and status reporting, scope and charters for each work stream, and the buildout of a communication and education plan for customers, advisors and employees.

4. Change management and implementation – Our team can assist in solutions execution, defining project plans and relevant timelines, finalizing the detailed solution designs and collaborating with ongoing projects to take advantage of existing build and test infrastructure. We will also work with stakeholders on communications to support training and adoption.

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Finance, Risk & Compliance

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