Solution introduction

Private Company Insights, Investment Banking Advisory and Pre-Acquisition Diligence

Private company insights
We partner with the investors and management teams of privately held companies and serve as your in house private equity team, setting up best in class reporting for investors; we create a cadence for regular updates on key performance indicators, investment returns, buyer universe, risk areas, and diligence recommendations.

Investment banking advisory
Our experienced investment banking team will provide expert advice on capital raises, liquidity events, and mergers & acquisitions for the management and investors of privately held companies.

Pre-acquisition diligence
We supplement your in-house deal team with highly skilled investment bankers, private equity professionals and financial reporting professionals to provide full pre-acquisition financial diligence for private company investments.

Do your companies have the appropriate resources to succeed?
Capital Clarity utilizes its extensive experience and background as investors and financial reporting specialists to create a “reporting culture” between management and the investors, structuring the relationship, reducing the burden on management, delivering the most relevant information to investors, and preparing your private company for a liquidity event or capital raise.

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