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Management and trading connectivity for financial advisers, wealth managers, family offices and discretionary fund managers

Combine and process your client’s financial data in one system

Founded in 2019, Centology is the culmination of 30 years’ research and development.

Frustrated by the limits of incumbent technologies, founder David Stamp realised the solution he was looking for (a fully integrated and comprehensive system) did not exist. There was just not the level of integration he wanted, resulting in repeated re-keying and duplication of data. Centology is the culmination of David’s work, providing a complete system with tried and tested processes to enhance wealth management.

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Many businesses hold historical data across multiple systems, making the tracking and finding efficiencies incredibly difficult. At Centology we have built a software platform that can collate all that data in one place. Centology offers a fully interactive experience for all, so that having all your data stored within one......

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