Solution introduction

Quarterly workshops for elite financial advisors

What do you vision and dream for your wealth management business?

Increase profits. Maximize enterprise value.
The ClientWise Business Builders Academy™ is an innovative workshop series designed exclusively for top-performing financial advisors.  Built for advisors who are committed to meaningful growth and to maximizing the long-term value of their enterprises, the all-day workshops are chock full of high impact ideas, exercises, and tools that will immediately impact your business.

Business coaching program for financial advisors
We designed the ClientWise Business Builders Academy (BBA)™ precisely for select advisors like you who vision more for their firms; hands-on business owners who crave meaningful growth and are deeply committed to maximizing the long-term value of their enterprise—not just for their own ends, but for the benefit of their teams, their clients, their centers of influence and future generations.

This professional coaching program, facilitated by a ClientWise coach, is designed to help you navigate the unique challenges associated with growing a profitable and sustainable business capable of serving generations of clients for years to come.

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