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Compeer provides annual, quarterly and monthly benchmarking information for the wealth management industry

The wealth management industry is a highly competitive market, with client expectations ever increasing

Any edge you can give your business to make it more agile and responsive and to help differentiate it from your competitors could be critical to your success.

Compeer’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of how you and your peer groups behave in terms of staff performance, profitability and productivity will equip you to make informed comparisons and embrace the changes necessary to give your business an important edge.

Compeer was created specifically to keep our clients in touch with their industry, their peers and their own performance through a number of sophisticated information tools and services.

Ultimately we can help you make the business-critical decisions that will keep your business ahead of the competition.

Compeer Solutions

Bespoke Research

Examples include: defining compensation strategy, identifying fee structures of peer businesses and modifying your own structures, identifying cost saving opportunities and comparing the main drivers of front office productivity. Compeer’s unique research can also underpin the development and execution of a company’s growth strategy for the wealth management sector....

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Business Performance Benchmarking

Our benchmarking services are outlined below: Annual and quarterly benchmarking service Approximately 50% of the industry (80+ firms) participate directly in our annual and quarterly benchmarking services, with the remaining firms’ data collected from official documents in the public domain to form our annual Industry Report. The benchmarking services comprise: The annual report......

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Events & Seminars

The audience at each conference is filled with senior professionals and executives from wealth managers, private banks and stockbrokers, providing excellent networking opportunities as well as in-depth detail on the event theme from our presenters....

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Industry & Competitor Reporting

The UK Wealth Management Industry Report examines the aggregated business performance of investment managers, private banks and private client stockbrokers, and includes the underlying data in Excel and briefer quarterly updates for the following year. The report is derived from questionnaire data we receive as well as relevant public domain......

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Investor & PFA Research

This research is regularly used and has allowed clients to refocus their products and tailor offerings to be aligned with investor needs, as well as improving distribution via intermediaries. We regularly survey mass affluent (£50k – £250k investible assets), affluent (£250k – £1m) and high net worth (£1m – £10m) investors,......

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Wealth Management Remuneration Survey

Under the remuneration package we include analyses of basic salary, bonus, LTIPs, share options and car allowances, with information collected as at the end of May and November, to ensure only the most current data is used for reviews. The report also enables the client to compare remuneration, working hours, leave......

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