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Introducing Salerio – Post Trade Processing Solution

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A post-execution trade processing system combining matching & confirmation, settlement instruction processing, and failed trade management into a single solution to meet T+1 settlement needs, today.  Salerio is a modular, multi-asset class, settlements solution, deployed as a middle office platform by global investment managers, hedge fund managers, asset owners, sovereign wealth...

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by corfinancial
| 05/04/2023 13:42:59

Salerio In A Nutshell – Focus on What Matters

Salerio helps the world’s brightest fund & asset managers to focus on what matters most; getting trades confirmed and settled no matter how high the trade volumes are.

Through a centralised exception-management hub covering trade matching, confirmation, settlement messaging and settlement tracking for securities and foreign exchange trades, we give you complete visibility of trade data, highlighting problematic trades as exceptions and giving you all the tools to resolve issues quickly, accurately and efficiently from a single dashboard.

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