Solution introduction

The CIS API provides institutions with access to Data, Trading and Portfolio APIs for Crypto Markets

A Single API for Institutions to start offering Crypto Services to their customers

The Crypto Markets are growing at considerable speed and institutions, including wealth & asset managers, fintech companies and family offices, are now facing growing demand from their clients to incorporate crypto solutions to their offering. Institutions therefore require standardised, analysable and actionable data, as well as indicators, and trading & tracking tools for crypto assets that would help their clients build timely and profitable crypto asset strategies.

CIS API aims to serve institutions in this respect by providing institutions with bundled access to Data, Trading and Portfolio APIs for Crypto Markets. This helps institutions to easily integrate customised crypto solutions to their offering, and allows them to save costs, economise on resources, and focus on their core business. 

CIS API provides access to our Unified Web API and websocket services through these components:

  • CIS RealTime API
    Provides access to normalised exchange, aggregated and index data over our real time websocket service.
  • CIS Data API
    Provides access to news, reference data, timeseries data & searchable content.
  • CIS Trading API
    Enables wealth & asset managers to control access / connectivity to clients’ exchange accounts or prime broker accounts. They can also submit & manage orders across multiple exchanges and partnered prime brokers through a single, unified API.
  • CIS Portfolios API
    Allows to automatically collect transactions for all connected client accounts and create, manage & monitor portfolios using offline & connected exchange accounts.

The CIS API also enables asset managers to access low-latency financial data, time-series data, a rich news feed, sector and market indices that are invaluable tools in their decision-making process.  Access to various trading exchanges and prime brokers from just one platform is also possible, which enables fast and timely trades for those HNW clients that make larger investments or prefer to churn their crypto portfolio often.

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