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Transforming private markets

We place highly configurable, white-labelled technology in the hands of the world’s most respected financial institutions to create, scale and streamline their end-to-end private investment propositions

Our mission is simple - we want to help a broad range of financial institutions to connect their clients with private investment opportunities quickly, transparently and compliantly. 

Delio powered platforms create end-to-end digital solutions that mitigate the challenges typically associated with the private market investments industry. From deal origination and distribution, through to portfolio management, compliance and reporting, we have you and your clients covered from start to finish.

And while technology is at the heart of our business, we’re more than ‘just a fintech’. Our team possesses decades of expertise gained by working at some of the world’s most respected financial institutions. This unique combination enables us to deliver cutting-edge technology that is underpinned by a deep understanding of the specific business, process and regulatory challenges that our clients face.

As a result, we offer a compelling, tailored solution that enables our clients to offer and scale their private market propositions more effectively than ever before.

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Business Overview

Here at Delio, we are passionate advocates for how technology can improve the way in which the world consumes financial services. We’re proud to be part of the fintech revolution that is changing the way financial institutions and their clients interact for the better. And it’s from this simple concept that Delio was born.

Technology is at the heart of everything we do. However, we know that digital tools are only as good as the way they are applied to your business. That’s why we take the time to explore and understand the very different needs of the financial institutions we serve, creating tailored solutions that solve your specific challenges.

So, why do many of the world’s most respected financial institutions, including the likes of Barclays, ING and Coutts, put their trust in us? We believe it’s because of the three core pillars that act as the foundations of Delio.

Technology that transforms your private market proposition
The unique complexities of accessing, promoting and transacting private market investments have often created significant challenges that financial institutions struggle to overcome.

Slow, manual, resource intensive processes. Poor governance of distribution. Client portfolio data stored in disparate locations. No scalable way of sharing new deals with the right clients, at the right time.

Delio took on these challenges, created the solution and digitised it.

Driving tangible commercial value through data insights
We do this by harnessing data captured by Delio’s technology and combining it with our team’s decades of collective experience, obtained at top tier institutions across the world.

This fusion of quantitative information with our commercial and regulatory insight enables us to offer a unique, independent view that supports the development of your entire private market proposition, not just the technology that underpins it.

Whether you’re new to private markets, looking to enhance an existing solution or need bespoke advice on the most technical of challenges, we can help. We're authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK, so you can trust us to operate to the highest regulatory standards. And because of our track record of delivery with financial institutions globally, you can be confident that you’re dealing with a business that delivers on what it promises.

Deal by deal, institution to institution connectivity
We passionately believe in the value of connecting financial institutions, their clients and private market opportunities.

That’s why the Delio platform has been built to facilitate effective, controllable connectivity across the private market space. This enables our clients to discover opportunities from outside their traditional network, distribute deals to a wider audience and attract new sources of capital.

However, this connectivity comes with control. It’s underpinned by sophisticated and highly customisable filtering tools that enable users to precisely define what is shared, with whom and at what time. And because the platform is only used by financial institutions that have invested in our passion for private market connectivity, you have the peace of mind that you’re operating within an exclusive ecosystem of reputable peers, not an ‘open door’ social network.


We are proud of our roots as a technology business. However, we also believe that we offer much more to our clients than ‘just’ software-based solutions.

We’re your unconflicted partner. We’re responsive. We’re here for the long haul. And we certainly don’t disintermediate. Our success is dependent on your success, which is why we are committed to empowering financial institutions so that they can add value for their clients, improve their operational efficiency and reduce risk - all of which will result in scalable revenue growth.

Delio solutions are trusted by financial institutions worldwide. Our clients manage over $4tn across a variety of asset classes and over £10bn of opportunities are currently being transacted on Delio powered platforms. The world’s leading financial institutions, from top-tier global banks to boutique wealth management firms, use our technology, network and expertise to launch, streamline or scale the way they connect private assets with capital.

So, whatever your private market challenge, we are here to help.

Some of our clients: 


Delio is proud to work in collaboration with some of the industry's leading organisations to support the transformation of private markets. Our breadth of expertise, experience and professional network means that we enjoy thriving partnerships with a variety of commercial, technology and financial partners worldwide.

For our clients, this means that we can add value beyond the scope of a ‘normal’ technology provider. Whether you are looking for expertise on deal structuring, impact investing, digital marketplaces or any other aspect of private markets, we will happily open up our network to help you meet your goals.

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Delio Solutions

Delio Private Markets Technology

The Delio Platform enables your organisation to offer a digital, white-labelled private market proposition that covers the entire investment cycle. Origination, distribution, transaction and reporting are integrated seamlessly enabling users to scale their private market offering quickly, efficiently and compliantly. Meanwhile, your clients benefit from 24/7 digital access to your......

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Delio Deal Structuring Solutions

Delio recognises that for many private market opportunities, a nimble structuring solution is required to create a streamlined and uniform transaction process for investors. Choosing the right investment structure at inception has important long-term benefits for the investor, but this is a complex area that requires a high degree of......

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Delio Expertise

With decades of collective experience at top tier financial institutions, Delio's team can deliver a wide range of services that support the development of private market propositions. Whether you’re new to private markets, looking to enhance an existing solution or need bespoke advice on the most technical of challenges, we can......

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