Solution introduction

Delta Data lives in back office mutual fund operations. Our clients include funds, recordkeepers, trusts, broker dealers, third party administrators and the largest clearing corporations, so we see everything

Operational processes are dependent on information exchanged with your counterparties. To achieve your firm’s goals of efficiency and accuracy you need an expert who works with your counterparties to design and optimize their operations that deal with you.

Our Periscope Advantage™ Consulting gives you the perspective of a specialist trusted advisor who sees the big picture to provide a much clearer view of where you are and what is on the horizon. Using insights from both your operations and your counterparties’ perspective, the efficiency and accuracy your firm needs can be attained. This Periscope Advantage™ helps you keep an eye on change in each of four areas:

  • Technology changes
  • Industry changes
  • Regulatory changes
  • Internal changes



With our Periscope Advantage™ Consulting, you’re less likely to be blindsided by change. You can set course corrections sooner rather than later. You will move forward faster – with more control, less risk, and greater efficiency.

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