Solution introduction

Introducing the digital engagement layer

Complement all of your deposit & loan origination systems with our simple - yet powerful - engagement platform

Use our platform to connect with customers and members before and after account opening. Follow up with application abandoners and people you meet and motivate them to open accounts. After account opening, maximize the adoption of account-related services and additional products.

Measure your business contribution
We make it easy to measure what matters - how campaigns are impacting your business. Whether you’re trying to grow your customer base, digital banking usage, direct deposit enrollments, eStatements adoption, card activation, or cross-sell rates, you’ll see exactly how campaigns are succeeding.

Get insights from our customer network
The platform is purpose-built for financial institutions that share common business objectives. We’ll leverage data from across our customer network to detect when institutions that share your goals are performing better. We'll share aggregated insights and tailored optimization recommendations.

Track aggregate performance
Our dashboards show real-time messaging metrics. See delivery rates, open rates, click-through rates, bounces, and more. Track how your audience progresses through each step-by-step digital guide. Understand whether they took the actions that impact your business.

Monitor each customer's progress
Use our platform as a flashlight. Drill into a specific contact record. See when someone opened a message, visited a webpage, how long they spent, the actions they took, survey feedback, and more. Use the data to optimize campaigns. Reconnect with customers and members, where needed.

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