Solution introduction

Client facing wealth management mobile application

Our Wealth Portal is for the HNWI clientele, giving wealth managers a competitive edge in their digital client services. The product caters to life-long, aging investors as well appealing as the upcoming digital-native, tech-savvy generation

The Wealth Portal is not only an online portal through which clients can check all the information and data of the composition and performance of their investment portfolio, but also a platform for digital communication. The portal is available as a native iOS and Android mobile app or in a web-based format, bringing the benefits of digitalisation to a wide range of clients. It provides users with a holistic, 360-degree portfolio overview and helps them track the composition and changes in value of their investments through intuitive-to-understand visualisation. Through the portal, clients can also access analysis, graphic visualisation and reports on the performance and transactions of their portfolio, broken down by sub-portfolio, asset class, currency, and a range of other filters. The groupings are dynamic, and users can also view the specific items and instruments within them. The clients can also access a list of their cash and securities transactions from multiple angles.

Clients can also access various mandatory documents and statements through the portal. This allows the bank to create a more environmentally friendly operation with paperless workflows and helps our clients comply with regulations.

The Wealth Portal also supports client service staff in several ways, reducing their administrative burden and increasing the efficiency of the wealth management process. RMs can use the portal to stay in constant contact with their clients, who require and expect personal attention, in a much more efficient way. They can automatically send notifications, starting a conversation with them about certain market events, new insights, or events. Clients can also request further assistance and information on these notifications and information via the chat interface available on the portal.

The portal also includes an Insights & News functionality which enables our clients to publish and promote any news, stewardship or educational articles to users.

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