Solution introduction

Let us harness innovative technology for you

Our technology capabilities focus on leveraging and automating business user requirements

We accomplish this by identifying opportunities presented by emerging and established technology trends. In addition, we also put a key focus on avoiding the pitfalls of operating within complex legacy financial services architectures.

Our propositions

Tactical technology development
We can provide you with considerable cost-savings through the use of tactical technology which seamlessly fits in with your financial services organisation. We integrate technology within your systems to ensure maximum user friendliness and stability.

We will use your existing information distribution infrastructure to present high functionality through complete web-based user interfaces. Our tactical technology systems streamlined for the financial services sector offer highly reactive and flexible systems which effectively target ever-changing business needs. All our solutions are layered appropriately so that your internal system does not only grow but can be modified with the least impact.

Application configuration
Setting up the latest financial services applications to facilitate employees as well as customers is something that can drain a lot of time and resources from your daily budget.

Rely on our trained and certified technology consultants to provide complete assistance with application configuration while providing backend support around the clock.

Data model design
Data models serve as an entire map to your organisational information. Evolving technologies and changing customer demands have created the need for banks and financial service businesses to create a platform where customer knowledge adds a competitive advantage.

We offer cross-functional data models that are easily integrated within your systems to offer an enterprise-wide view of your company data. Our flexible blueprint allows for a structure which lets you better manage all your company information. We will add attributes and entities to the data model so that costly re-designs can be avoided.

Rules and workflow design
The best workflow platforms allow businesses to easily cross IT, geographical and organisational boundaries to present employees with a detailed view of all relevant information they must have in order to work effectively on their given tasks.

You need a workflow design that automatically sets service level conditions, specifies clear objectives, deadlines and outcomes, escalation paths as well as corrective measures to be taken if targets are not met.

We provide intelligent workflow rules and designs that require minimal to no IT staff involvement. Our automated workflow designs and applications provide a platform through which you can greatly increase the rate at which new products and services are rolled out, while keeping everybody on the same page.

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