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Bringing Compliance to Cryptoassets
Elliptic’s founders first became involved with cryptoassets in 2011, when they recognized the technology’s potential to open up financial services to unprecedented innovation and competition.

Having worked for regulated financial institutions, they also understood that the cryptoasset industry would have to operate within financial crime regulatory frameworks to reach its full potential.

With that in mind,  they built and launched the world’s first compliance tools based on blockchain analytics in 2015.

As the technology matures, new blockchains emerge and regulations evolve - but our mission has remained the same: To protect our customers from financial crime in cryptoassets.

Elliptic Solutions

Cryptocurrency AML Compliance

New standards for cryptocurrency compliance In today’s highly digitized world, financial institutions are seeking ways to manage increased exposure to cryptocurrency risks. For financial institutions facilitating transactions involving cryptocurrencies, being able to confidently assess source and destination of funds is critical. The significant growth in cryptocurrency transactions has made fraud difficult to......

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Cryptocurrency Forensics

Hidden criminal activity from the dark web and beyond As the world has become increasingly digitized, economic crime and the trade in illicit goods have shifted online Use of the dark web is increasing 50% year-on-year, and cryptocurrencies have become the primary means of exchange. The rise of cryptocurrencies has brought all the......

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Cryptocurrency Investigation Services

Meet our expert cryptocurrency investigators Our team of experienced researchers and analysts deliver real-world results. Elliptic’s researchers and analysts add an additional layer to our commercial software, providing custom analyses that make use of our extensive and unique experience in conducting forensic cryptocurrency investigations. We provide written, detailed reports on the investigations......

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Elliptic Discovery

Take a risk-based approach to crypto-assets Purpose-built for banks, Elliptic Discovery provides compliance teams with the insights they need to identify flows of funds into and out of crypto-assets, and assess the risk that they pose. Detailed profiles of over two hundred global crypto exchanges enable banks to manage risk, pursue new......

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