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A compliance and strategic development consultancy focused on professional and financial service firms

The Engage Insight (Engage) team works hard to help our clients identify, understand and embrace the forces that are transforming their market, their businesses and their client relationships. We specialise in turning compliance and business development insight into actionable strategies to enhance on-going professional practice.

Over the past 5-years, we have researched the market and designed and launched our digital compliance #Regtech platform Model Office (MO) that benchmarks firms compliance and business development performance, providing steers, strategies and guidance on complaint and professional practice across 5 keys: your focus, your engagement, your promise, your systems and your people.

Engage Insight Solutions

Engage Change

By working with our clients’ compliance, business and people development needs we have found a focus on firm strategies, behaviours, structures and the client experience are crucial to compliant and sustainable success. We have therefore built a #RegTech digital compliance and business development platform Model Office (MO) to benchmark professional practice, highlight any......

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Engage Leadership

Businesses now need to build professional standards at their core. Increased competition, the pace of change and regulatory requirements means strong and visionary leadership is a must to ensure fully functional boards, diversified NEDS, staff training and effective data management. Engage’s Leadership development and coaching programmes provides both existing leaders and new talent with the guidance they......

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Engage Risk

We now live in a world of verification. The discerning public has become mistrusting of both the private and public sector industries, having suffered historically from a lack of information and understanding. In the past this was tempered with ethics, which (although important) is not enough. With the rise of social media, access to information......

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Executive Coaching

With the new fast paced, technologically laden world of work and a basic human need and desire for a work-life balance, career professionals are now looking to other, alternative methods to create harmony and balance whilst maintaining high performance and provide meaning and satisfaction within their work. What is Executive Coaching? Executive......

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