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The most comprehensive technology solution for RIAs

Envestnet | Tamarac, a division of Envestnet, is a leading provider of integrated, web-based portfolio rebalancing, performance reporting and customer relationship management software for independent advisors and wealth managers. Envestnet | Tamarac enables investment advisors to run their businesses with greater efficiency, scale and profitability through our custodian agnostic technology platform and outsourced portfolio management services.

Tamarac serves over 1,000 RIA firms, collectively managing more than US$1.2 trillion in assets. Investment advisors that use Tamarac's solution range in size from managing less than US$10 million in assets to over US$10 billion.

Tamarac was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Seattle, WA.

Envestnet | Tamarac Solutions


Tamarac provides best-in-class portfolio and client management software, empowering your firm to operate with greater efficiency and profitability, while delivering a superior level of service to your clients. Upgrading your firm’s systems can be a significant undertaking. Tamarac has the experience and staff to support your business every step of the......

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Tamarac CRM

In a socially connected world, it has never been more important for advisors to deliver differentiated client experiences. Tamarac CRM helps advisors do just that. With a user interface that is simple and intuitive, actionable intelligence at your fingertips, and an easy connection to people, Tamarac CRM makes work personal......

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Tamarac PortfolioCenter Cloud

PortfolioCenter Cloud allows you to: Simplify and streamline your processes Retain control in-house Access your data any time, from anywhere Recognize efficiencies with ready-made templates Never worry about hardware specifications Reduce IT overhead and demands on resources Budget with no surprises Sleep better knowing your data is secure When the time is right, you can easily add industry-leading Tamarac......

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Tamarac Reporting

For performance, holdings, transactions, composites, and business intelligence reporting, Tamarac Reporting provides the flexibility to customize information to meet the specific needs of your firm. Tamarac is also a leader in data quality, giving your firm the confidence to stand behind the numbers. Customizable Dashboard Data is only useful if it’s easy......

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Tamarac Services®

Your Tamarac Services team will download, post, and reconcile positions from your custodians and import your accounts, account holdings, and trade data into Tamarac. All reconciled data is integrated into the various Tamarac systems, so you can simply sign in and start working with the most current financial information. Run reports......

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Tamarac Trading

More RIA firms choose Tamarac than any other rebalancing software provider. Whether you're using a passive or active management strategy, Tamarac dramatically abbreviates the trading process while adhering to your investment strategies, custom account settings, restrictions, and tax sensitivity settings. Tamarac Trading delivers much more than portfolio rebalancing. Automate your model......

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