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A technology driven ESG approach - provided by Globalance & Etops

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Etops empowers digitalization processes for the financial industry. Our solutions cover the entire value chain of private banks, asset and wealth managers, family offices and pension funds: from lead generation, CRM and on-boarding to portfolio management, compliance, and reporting

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Etops for Wealth Managers

Etops for wealth managers Facing more and more regulations, the independent wealth managers need to find ways how to deal with these challenges. State-of-the-art technology helps to meet all the compliance requirements and to concentrate on the actual business at the same time. But all these solutions require data - data from...

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by Etops
| 07/03/2022 06:00:00

This article is a co-production from Globalance & Etops, published 09/21 in a TWM Insight Report. It focuses on how ESG criteria impacting the wealth management sector today.

Learn more about the highly innovative Globalance World project, a technology driven approach based on ESG criteria, which shows the sustainability impact of your portfolio quickly and out of the box. Feel free to invest a few minutes to learn, what ...

... has been archived so far
... are the opportunities and threats
... is still to be done.

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