Solution introduction

Etops for Asset Manager covers the raising need of TRANSPARENCY AND RESPONSIVENESS as well as sophisticated analytics, state-of-the-art REPORTING and VISUALIZATION. Report generation is easy and based on accurate and current data to get the best value out of your investment management system

Additionally Etops AI powered technology supports your backend team in a smart way to master the current challenges of the asset management industry. Sophisticated reports and factsheet are based on consolidated data and are available in both versions: online and print

Etops for asset managers
Managers, regulators and clients have a growing need for comprehensive and timely reports. This requires accurate and current data provided to and optimized for your investment management system.

Etops AI powered technology together with the experienced back office team represents the ideal combination of engineering and services to master the challenges the asset management industry is facing nowadays.

Sophisticated reports and factsheet created based on various data sources and produced in a pixel-perfect manner complete the offering.

In the age of digitalization printed reports are still important but must be accompanied by appropriate apps and dashboards which guarantee access to portfolios, positions and assets for the managers and event to the clients from anywhere anytime.

Dedicated mobile apps and interactive dashboards support your journey into the world of modern data analytics and visualization.

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