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Our Managed Portfolio Service

Our risk-focused portfolios are constructed with your clients’ needs in mind. Expertly built with a focus on diversification, our managed portfolios provide you with a range of strategies to fit your clients’ needs and attitudes to risk

Combining expertise in risk management and data insight
Our award-winning managed portfolios are driven by data insights in order to construct robust portfolios that fit a range of client needs and objectives. The risk-targeted portfolios are designed to have a diverse investment base in order to manage risk and reduce the effects of adverse market conditions, while maintaining exposure to growth sectors to give your clients access to higher returns.

Our track record since launching in 2015 has provided consistent risk profiles and has navigated major impact from adverse market movements in that time.

We offer 5 portfolio ranges with different investment frameworks, time-horizons and objectives, with separate risk-managed portfolios within each range.

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