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Which organizational form is the best for which strategy? Do all enterprises have to be agile? Are returns scale a thing for enterprises of the past? What role does corporate governance play in generating maximum value for stakeholders? More

The maxim that structure follows strategy is only valid in stable markets where no further innovation is to be expected. But are there any markets like that today? State monopolies have fallen, platform economies are changing entire value chains, and globally active disruptive powers such as urbanization, digitalization, or the aging of society are changing the rules of play in a fundamental manner.

Which good corporate management strategies (corporate governance) help management conquer these challenges? Which compensation systems solve principal-agent problems and lead to cooperative corporate cultures? How must compliance be lived so that it is not merely a cost, but also a revenue factor? How must boards of directors and governing bodies be organized so that they are not just controllers, but much more a supportive sounding board for management? How must the cooperation between employees, organizational structure, processes, and corporate culture be designed? What roles do trust, diversity, and gender play in creating a high performance culture?

Answers to these questions are not possible without a deep understanding of the relevant behaviors of all stakeholders – and we are your partner in finding them. We offer:

  • Design and implementation of compensation systems for the top management
  • Design and implementation of performance systems for management and employees
  • Implementation of necessary changes in employees’ behavior within the organization
  • Support in the development of good corporate governance
  • Design and implementation of key performance indicators for steering the enterprise
  • Design and implementation of leadership, culture, and compliance management
  • Design and implementation of a sustainable consequence management
  • Decoding and implementing employee identity as a steering and management instrument

Do you have strategic questions on the theme of corporate governance that are bothering you? Do you need more agility in your enterprise? We would like to hear from you and develop a joint understanding

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