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Client lifecycle management technology

Digital efficiency, frictionless compliance, exceptional client journeys

Fenergo is the digital enabler of client and regulatory technology for financial services. It provides client lifecycle management (CLM) software solutions for financial institutions including; corporate & institutional banking, commercial & retail banking, asset management, private banking & wealth management. Counting 100 global Financial Institutions as clients, its award-winning CLM suite digitally transforms how Financial Institutions manage clients; from initial onboarding to KYC/AML and regulatory compliance, to data management and ongoing lifecycle KYC reviews and refreshes. Fenergo CLM empowers financial institutions to deliver a faster, compliant and digital customer experience while achieving a single client view across channels, products, business lines and jurisdictions.

Fenergo’s community-based approach to product development allows clients to collaborate on solution design on a global scale. Its rules-driven solution ensures compliance with multiple global and local regulatory frameworks including AML, KYC, Tax (CRS, FATCA, 871M), OTC derivatives (EMIR, Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, Margin Requirements) and data privacy rules (GDPR). It supports the collection, centralization and sharing of client and counterparty data and documentation across the institution and deploys an API-first approach to advanced integration with a host of external KYC, AML and entity data providers, KYC and industry utilities to expedite compliance and improve operational efficiencies.

Fenergo Solutions

Client & Counterparty Data Management

To onboard a new client, it is estimated that between 5 and 100 documents must be collected to satisfy regulatory compliance requirements. However, without a centralized and automated data management and regulatory outreach approach, financial institutions must contact customers (often repeatedly) to submit data and documentation that may have previously......

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Client Onboarding & Lifecycle Management

Financial institutions are operating in a perfect storm of increasingly stringent global regulatory obligations, which are demanding the collection, processing and evidencing of more client and counterparty data than ever before. Not only does this place a huge strain on data management, regulatory and onboarding teams, it also lengthens the......

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Digital Client Journey

Digitalise your client lifecycle management process To capture market and mind share, financial institutions are under more pressure than ever before to ensure a superior onboarding and lifecycle management service experience to their clients. However, they are constrained from delivering on this promise mainly by internal challenges arising from disparate systems,......

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Fenergo for Wealth

Challenge Private banks and wealth managers work with complex clients with rapidly evolving needs. However, regulatory pressures, disjointed legacy and reference systems, hybrid disjointed processes and requests for more information from clients all create significant inefficiencies and negatively impact the client experience.  These firms are now more focused on delivering excellence in......

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Fenergo Regulatory Compliance Management

Solve all regulations on one platform Financial institutions are facing into a regulatory storm of epic proportions. The volume of new requirements, the challenge of managing regional variations and tight implementation timeframes, set against the backdrop of astronomical and reputation-damaging financial fines and penalties, is creating a pressure pot of regulatory......

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