Solution introduction

Financial planning made simple

Powerful, accurate, intelligent

Financial planning software working for you and your clients
Conquest planning provides powerful software to help you build accurate, intelligent financial plans.

Conquest Planning not only enables you to quickly build accurate financial plans in collaboration with your clients, it’s designed to intelligently work with you to find the optimal path for each client. The software digitally explores the universe of potential strategies to find the right combination for the client, assists with plan tracking, and identifies new opportunities throughout the lifetime of the plan.

A unique feature of the software is a digital assistant – Strategic Advice Manager (SAM) – that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to instantly illustrate the impact of different scenarios on the client’s goals (saving more, retiring later, etc.).

The software is built to support changing regulatory requirements and trends and features an agile monthly release cycle. What’s more, the software is built on an open API; the software’s planning capabilities can therefore be easily embedded into your firm’s systems.

Why use Conquest Planning?

  • Intelligence – leverages AI to find the optimal path for a client.
  • Ease – intuitive interface which can be used interactively in front of clients.
  • Efficiency – no need to spend hours entering data, plan with as little or as much data as required.
  • Dynamic planning – real-time updates with plans and cashflow models built and compared in minutes.
  • Powerful analytics – delivers valuable intelligence that can drive your business strategy.
  • Demonstrates the impact of advice – clear visual illustration of the value of advice.
  • Flexible pricing – a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

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