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We are Fitch Ratings. An award-winning provider of credit ratings, commentary and research. In this era of volatility & technological transformation, we provide clarity and insight. Human insight, enabling our clients all over the world to make better decisions

Who We Are
At Fitch Ratings we believe in creating value beyond data and information. At the heart of what makes us different is our people. We’re powered by human insight and a collaborative culture that drives us forward - providing our clients and partners with the industry-leading insight that has an impact on economies, businesses and livelihoods all over the world.

What We Do
Global interconnectedness and speed of change means our experts are constantly called upon to provide insight and commentary. We have over 2000 employees drawing, on over 100 years of experience on over 20,000 entities around the world. It is our ability to see things from every angle and simplify the complex that gives us the edge in a highly competitive market.

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