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Do Something. Measure It.

Working together to eradicate systemic cyber risk

Less talk. More action.
We are in a perpetual cat-and-mouse game between cyber attackers and the concerned cyber professionals that stand in their way. The reality of cyber risk is undeniable, but that does not mean we can not make measurable progress to reduce it.

By addressing systemic cyber issues methodically, risk by risk, and taking action against threat actors, we can form a united front to eradicate these risks.

Cyber risks
As connectivity increases, so does network vulnerability. Personal and business date is perpetually at risk. Most attackes take months to identify, and th edamage can take years to repair. We're taking incremental steps to help businesses and individuals improve their security.

The GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit for Small Business

Cyber & Network Security, Market & Business Infrastructure


We recently had the pleasure to sit down again with Terry Wilson, Global Partnership Officer from our partner, the Global Cyber Alliance. On this occasion, Terry introduced us to the......

Global Cyber Alliance: Cybersecurity Toolkit - How to use the Toolkit

Cyber & Network Security, Market & Business Infrastructure


Global Cyber Alliance: Cybersecurity Toolkit - Why it is critical to protect your business

Cyber & Network Security, Market & Business Infrastructure


Global Cyber Alliance: Let's do something!

Cyber & Network Security, Market & Business Infrastructure


Global Cyber Alliance: A cyber security sector professionals view on the wealth management sector

Business & Client Risk, Cyber & Network Security


Global Cyber Alliance: Why our work is critical

Cyber & Network Security, Market & Business Infrastructure


Global Cyber Alliance: An introduction to the Global Cyber Alliance

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Solution provider video: Quad9 - How it works

Cyber & Network Security


Solution provider video: DMARC - How it works

Cyber & Network Security


Solution provider video: Email, marketing & security - What email authentication does for your business

Cyber & Network Security


Business Overview

After years of prosecuting cyber financial fraud crimes with no end in sight, the New York County District Attorney, Cyrus Vance Jr., knew that there had to be a better way to confront the cyber crime epidemic. Prosecution was a critical treatment modality, but prevention was the cure.

After discussions with William Pelgrin, founder of the MS-ISAC and former President & CEO of the Center for Internet Security (CIS), the concept of what is now known as GCA was developed and is the product of input from many thought leaders which, from the beginning, demonstrated a commitment to a collective effort. The two then reached out to their partners in the fight against cybercrime, the City of London Police Commissioner, Adrian Leppard (now former), and John Gilligan, Chairman of the Board for the Center for Internet Security (CIS), to understand what might be done. This resulted in a coalition to take on the uphill battle against cybercrime and a recognition that we need to come together as a global community to have a transformational impact on cyber security.

With a bias towards action, the three organizations made their move. On September 16, 2015 the Global Cyber Alliance was formed to address systemic cyber risk through proactive risk-based, solution oriented approach to address and confront malicious cyber risks.

Our philosophy is simple: Do Something. Measure It.
We are an international, cross-sector effort designed to confront, address, and prevent malicious cyber activity. While most efforts at addressing cyber risk have been industry, sector, or geographically specific, the Global Cyber Alliance is unique as it spans across borders and sectors. We are committed to making an impact.

Cyber risk continues to increase. Threats are persistent and sophisticated with tools, techniques, and processes that evolve faster than our ability to detect and interdict them. The balance will easily sway in favor of threat actors unless someone makes a concerted effort to stop them, risk by risk, focusing on concrete action. Our mission is to reduce risk, and we accomplish this through three core objectives.

  • Unite the global communities against cyber risk, across sectors
  • Implement concrete solutions to mitigate and then eradicate systemic cyber risks
  • Measure and transparently report on the effect of GCA’s efforts


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Global Cyber Alliance Solutions


As a cross-sector, transnational organization devoted to eradicating systemic cyber risk, at GCA we are dedicated to improving cybersecurity in a connected world. The DMARC authentication tool is an important step in supporting this mission. DMARC was developed as a collaborative effort to fight phishing and other dangerous email scams.......

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GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit

How to use the toolkit The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) has built this toolkit for small to medium-sized businesses to address the Center for Internet Security Controls (CIS Controls) which will enable business owners to significantly reduce the cyber risks they face every day. The CIS Controls are a recommended set of......

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Quad9 is a free security solution that uses DNS to protect your system against the most common cyber threats. It improves your system’s performance, plus, it preserves and protects your privacy. It’s like an immunization for your computer. Global Cyber Alliance, Packet Clearing House and IBM worked together to create this......

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