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Rue de Vermont 62, 1202 Geneva, Switzerland

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Orbium, BRP

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Business introduction

Digital cross-border solutions

indigita is a RegTech company offering a perfect set of solutions that help clients meet the ever-changing cross-border regulatory challenges

These solutions take out the complexity of cross-border compliance for international business operations while addressing the growing challenges faced by banks and financial advisers. We can provide you with staff training support, easily accessible compliance information and automated cross-border compliance checks.

Our solutions:

  • Addressing the growing challenges faced by banks and financial advisers, we provide solutions that take the complexity out of cross-border compliance when conducting international business.
  • Assistance with staff training, making compliance information easily accessible and automating cross-border compliance checks.

indigita: An introduction to the business

Compliance & Regulation, Digital Platforms & Tools


Welcome to the first part of our video interview with Swiss-based cross-border RegTech firm indigita. In this first video, Managing Director Benoit Hailly provides us with: A brief introduction to the......

indigita: The challenges and complexities of cross-border wealth management

Compliance & Regulation, Digital Platforms & Tools


indigita: An introduction to the solution offering

Compliance & Regulation, Digital Platforms & Tools


Business Overview

Our technology
We address banks' challenges by providing digitized solutions to access and utilize up-to-date, smart compliance data. Covering more than 135 countries, our solutions support straightforward precision when complying with foreign and international regulatory requirements.

Up to date
Our compliance rules and data are continuously monitored and updated. All regulatory changes within the covered countries are systematically considered.

Easy to integrate
Any IT system can access our rules and data through our state of the art API. Our rules have been developed in a market standard format to be rule engine agnostic.

Available via Swiss cloud
Our solutions are available via Swiss-based cloud, ensuring the highest level of availability and confidentiality. They can also be deployed on client infrastructure.

Each client has its own approach and strategy vis-à-vis cross-border. All our data and rules are customizable by the client to reflect their strategic decisions.

Key Data

Year founded
wealth management employees
Office Regional Presence
  • Western Europe
Type of Clients
  • External Asset Manager
  • Global Private Bank
  • Independent Financial Advisor
  • Local Private Bank
  • Multi-Family Office
  • Private Client Investment Manager
  • Regional Private Bank
  • Single Family Office
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Client Regional Presence
  • Eastern Europe
  • Western Europe
Leading client geographies
  • Switzerland

indigita Solutions


inApp makes cross-border seamless Managing complex situations at your fingertips Through its unique rule processing, inApp is solving complex situations as easily as simple cases. Anywhere, anytime inApp is available from the cloud (indigita Swiss-based cloud or client internal cloud) on any device (phone, tablet, computer)....

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indigita API

The indigita API is the technical gateway for external systems to analyze cross-border regulatory data and perform automatic compliance checks. Connect any solution to indigita API and get a cross-border answer to your situation.  It allows external systems and services to have standardized access to all indigita inData and inRules. The indigita API......

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With inLearning, we are providing pedagogical digital solutions, covering self-learning material and questionnaires. The solution allows clients to train their personnel and ensure that they are fit to operate with specific countries. The content is based on digitized Country Manuals from BRP and can be customized to reflect the bank’s specific......

business needs
client geography presence
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