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Digital Finance. Emerging Technologies

IntellectEU is an international technology company focused on digital finance and emerging technologies

Since 2006 we have been focused on financial messaging and integration, being a SWIFT service partner. Building on our rich experience in financial services and technology, we founded our DLT and blockchain tribe in 2014.

Always pioneering to serve our clients best, we became a founding member of Linux Foundation's Hyperledger in 2016. Today, we are working with all leading blockchain providers (R3 Corda, DAML, Hyperledger, VMWare, IBM) in the banking, insurance, capital markets, and telco space.

Apart from Blockchain and DLT, we're also venturing into Artificial Intelligence by educating our clients and building products with them.

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Prospecting Leverage VELMA to come up with personalized investment proposals to increase customer acquisition success rates while decreasing time spent per prospect. Compare prospects to your existing customer base, investigate the approach and strategy that worked for them, and replicate the success. Advising Auto-generate unique asset recommendations with a story, tailored to your customer's......

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