Solution introduction

A worldwide first way of telling the story of portfolio performance via highly personalised, insightful and engaging portfolio performance reports, which are automatically generated

All the relevant insights are presented in an intuitive manner, combining strong visuals with human storytelling. The goal is to transform portfolio performance reporting into a meaningful touchpoint in the wealth journeys of end-clients

Based on our research, most retail investors are not satisfied with the periodic account statements they receive. Their reports usually contain unintuitive tables with numbers or high-level macro-economic explanations without any clear link to the actual investments of the client.

Also, personal investment advisors and relationship managers find it difficult to pinpoint the main drivers for an investment portfolio’s performance. The time required to manually produce a detailed explanation of performance for one account is roughly 1 full day.

Our StoryTeller helps to explain portfolio performance in an understandable way to retail investors. It provides an in-depth view of the returns over a chosen time period and illustrates events that have impacted the performance and to what degree. All the relevant information is shown in an intuitive white-label solution, combining strong visuals with human storytelling principles.

StoryTeller can also support an investment advisor in his meetings with clients to more easily explain the portfolio performance. Advisors can free up time by automating the reporting and analysis of portfolio performance.

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