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Wealth management software and digital transformation services for the world’s financial institutions

Throughout financial services, digital working is replacing manual working. The transition is fundamental, wide-sweeping and likely to occur only once in the life of the business

Our tools, platforms and advice ensure that the cost savings and efficiencies expected of digital transformation materialise.

When we started our business in 1985, almost every aspect of any investment transaction was managed by hand. Systems were cumbersome, slow and paper-based. Departments were unconnected: adjustments to spreadsheets were made, but not shared. In our view, the trading and management of financial instruments would be much improved if the process were automated. With that ideal in mind, we built our first, highly efficient, multi-currency, back-office settlement and accounting system.

Our first major client was one of the London Stock Exchange’s oldest and most prestigious firms: Charles Stanley & Co. The firm remains a client today – an endorsement and partnership of which we’re more than proud.

Based entirely on organic growth, a passion for quality and reputation, JHC’s technologies are now used by more than 60 financial institutions to manage funds, clients’ investments and to trade and settle securities in stock markets around the world.

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