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Program management is often the difference between success and failure in large-scale organizational transformation

Even the best strategies and initiatives will fail to deliver results without the right implementation. By centralizing accountability, for example, change management projects are more likely to happen on time and achieve the expected results. Paradoxically, centralizing responsibility also makes it easier to involve more players in the organization.

Our well-established change management frameworks are also supported by a range of customized tools, including those that track financial and operational performance. Our team of experts conducts thorough analyses, diagnoses potential risks, and prioritizes focus areas and resources—all while working collaboratively with our clients. Involving the internal management team upfront not only ensures more buy-in and commitment, it significantly improves the chances for successful implementation.

We also emphasize the importance of communication, formal change management approaches, and a "coaching" model to ensure success. Throughout all projects, we use integrated reporting to enhance execution, including reporting on project and work stream status, mitigating risk, and using performance and other key metrics. Major parts of our approach include:

  • Transformation program design. Redesigning processes, automating operations, and developing new capabilities to gain agility and productivity are integral to planning and gaining agreement for transformations.
  • IT transformation. Optimizing IT involves applying specific financial-industry benchmarks for setting cost-reduction targets while maintaining or improving services, identifying and applying economies of scale, and gaining the information transparency necessary to lower costs across geographies and functions.
  • Program risk management. Identifying and mitigating program risk—which requires extensive experience—is essential for keeping the program on track and realizing targets.

Our transformation projects, however, only begin with analysis. With that as a foundation, we then focus on transferring knowledge and effectively managing the program to ensure that the intended transformation occurs—that plans are turned into actions and forecasts become reality.

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