Solution introduction

Ensure that your third parties are handling sensitive data according to regulatory guidelines and industry standards with our cyber audits and reviews

Your data. Their systems. Whose standards?

No matter how secure your company’s IT system is, sometimes your risk of data breach depends on who you associate with. In today’s complex business environment, large amounts of sensitive data are often shared with partners, outside vendors and service providers — who all have their own dedicated IT systems, processes and protections.

Kroll’s Third Party Reviews can help ensure that your business partners — or companies you refer your customers to — hold the same high standards you have when it comes to data security. We can certify that these third parties are handling sensitive data in accordance with regulatory guidelines and industry standards. Third Party Reviews are especially important in highly regulated environments like healthcare, finance, or insurance — where data breaches are a costly and critical issue. Third Party reviews can also be important for companies working on critical infrastructure.

Third Party Reviews: objective and expert guidance

When performing third party reviews, Kroll acts as an impartial set of eyes and ears — assessing the third party’s data security including:

  • IT system
  • personnel
  • data security policies

We’ll address your privacy concerns with objectivity, and the professional expertise only the world’s leader in end-to-end cyber security services can provide.

Before you put your reputation in someone else’s hands, reach out to Kroll’s Third Party Reviews team. Our trained and licensed Third Party Review experts bring objectivity and quantifiable results — giving you the information you need to make sound business decisions.

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