Solution introduction

Midwinter's digital advice solution for advisers

The same innovative thinking behind AdviceOS brings you the next generation of financial advice delivery

Change is here
As the finance sector embraces the digital age, advances in technology are compelling people to seek new and unique methods of undertaking investment plans and attaining financial advice. There is now a generation of advice seekers that don’t want the first point of contact to be a face to face sales pitch – they want to experience your value digitally in a way that is non-threatening.

With this in mind, Midwinter is developing automated algorithm based applications for advisers and superannuation funds, allowing you to provide a service to your clients or members where they will be able to undertake simplistic strategies using their digital device of choice.

As architects of award-winning financial planning software – AdviceOS, Midwinter is excited about offering a new means of financial advice delivery that will expand your service offering. Naturally, our stand-alone Digital Advice Solution will be completely compatible with our existing software- sharing a database, modelling tools and client portal with AdviceOS.

Access a growing un-tapped market
This client-centric model is being designed as a cost-effective, low-touch method for you to gain access to and engage with clients who may previously have sat outside of your traditional target market or to encourage clients or members who are typically unengaged with their finances to become more involved in the advice or superannuation process.

Midwinter’s Digital Advice Solution allows you to guide these clients or members through a process which is standardised, rules-based and simplified – delivered digitally and instantaneously from your own branded interface.

All information (including full audit trail) entered from individuals who utilise your digital advice service will then be captured and stored in your client records via Midwinter’s cloud based AdviceOS planning software.

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