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500 Saint-Jacques Street, Suite 400, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H2Y 1S1

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Since 1999, Ndex Systems has been devoted to the development of industry leading wealth management software for the financial industry. Our state-of-the-art products are improving both productivity and profitability for financial institutions worldwide.

Our company is the only fully independent wealth management technology provider in Canada. We have grown to support over 250 firms managing $100 billion in assets for more than 10 million clients. Our platform’s unique approach offers the flexibility and scalability to service a diverse line of business. Our clients range from independent brokers and family offices to major wealth management and brokerage firms.

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Included in the monthly licensing fee, we provide financial institutions with a complete, powerful tool. Financial institutions maintain total control of back office operations; all that's needed is an internet connection. Wealth management is now available anytime, anywhere....

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Ndex Wealth Management Platform

The CFAI compliant Ndex F-Engine system is designed to support the entire wealth management lifecycle for retail and institutional portfolio management. The system is simple to use, set up and maintain. With a fully integrated design, initial configuration and training are minimal. The Ndex F-Engine solution is a fully scalable, web-based wealth management system.......

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