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Citypoint, 1 Ropemaker Street, London, EC2Y 9HT, United Kingdom

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This is wealth management as a service

Build and scale the financial services of the future

Nucoro helps businesses meet modern expectations with modern solutions by offering customisable, digital, wealth management solutions. Our technology lets you automate, personalise and accelerate your wealth management service like never before.

We partner with wealth managers, adviser networks, banks, insurance providers and other institutional clients to streamline end-to-end journeys across back, middle and front office functions with our solutions.

The way things are, businesses would need to spend millions, if not billions, to build technology in-house. Nucoro solves these problems for a lot less and quicker.

Working with us is different from your usual SaaS or PaaS provider. For starters, we’ve been there ourselves with building Exo. We tackled all the hurdles first hand and that means we’ve not only built the tech, but also have the in-house expertise to help you navigate them. 

With time-saving and cost-cutting prioritised, Nucoro turns digitalisation from a distant ambition into an achievable reality. 

Business Overview

Wealth management businesses are under immense pressure from:

Easy to integrate within weeks not months, our technology has the power to future-proof your business: 

  • Our technology is digital and accessible
    24/7 access for customers and a proven omni-channel platform ensure a great experience throughout.
  • We offer end-to-end automation
    Completely automated front, middle and back office drastically reduces the need for human touch. 
  • We are regulatory compliant
    With instantly transparent processes we automate KYC / AML checks and all daily regulatory reporting.

Whether you want to launch a fully automated digital investment product or use technology that makes life easier for your advisors, Nucoro can help.

The Nucoro Wealth Engine
Nucoro’s technology allows you to quickly build bespoke next-generation investment solutions at scale, specific to your organization’s needs. Deploy targeted robo solutions to build your fully automated investment proposition or empower your workforce to deliver better client outcomes.

We innovate at every stage of the wealth management value chain:


  • Client onboarding: paperless onboarding allowing clients to open accounts in minutes.
  • Advice & reporting: All portfolio information is available to clients and advisors 24/7 through our omni channel platform.


  • Portfolio management: Investment decisions based on complex data analysis, allowing for sophisticated asset management. 
  • KYC & AML: Automated KYC & AML checks from multiple third party providers, with customizable policies. 


  • Trade execution: Rebalancing, trading and reconciliation are all automated and allow immense scalability. 
  • Portfolio monitoring: Each portfolio is monitored by Exo on a daily basis.  


We are partnered with leading quantitative asset management firm ETS.

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Year founded
wealth management employees
Office Regional Presence
  • Western Europe
Type of Clients
  • Digital wealth manager
  • External Asset Manager
  • Private Client Investment Manager
Client Regional Presence
  • Western Europe
Leading client geographies
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom

Nucoro Solutions

Nucoro White-label Robo

Powered by the Nucoro Wealth Engine, you can quickly deploy a robo offering, either as a standalone product, or integrated within your existing customer experience.  Clients will be able to easily access an award-winning digital service, branded to your business.  This is a digital wealth experience, built comprehensively, executed easily and delivered......

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Exo for Advisors

Exo for Advisors combines a comprehensive, transformative digital package with a seamless integration process, saving you the high costs and resource demand for your firm.  This is the new era of wealth management, with the power of a dedicated back, middle and front office system, within one platform. We’re in the business......

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Exo Investing

The Nucoro Wealth Engine allows a direct application of a host of advanced technological solutions.  With robotic-process-automation handling all data-related tasks and Artificial Intelligence leveraged for unique portfolio builds. In addition, big data technology analyses millions of data points which feeds into the portfolio decision-making. Finally, AWS cloud computing and parallel......

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Nucoro White-label Enterprise Solution

Nucoro’s technology is fully customisable, allowing you to decide how our award-winning technology can transform your business. Whether you want to launch a fully automated digital investment product or use technology that makes life easier for your advisors, Nucoro can help. Freedom to use your own broking and custodian partners Full branding......

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