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Enabling open banking beyond cash

With a broad background in private banking, portfolio management systems, mathematics, user interface and database design, we know the needs of the financial industry and how to implement them. With a strong affinity to flexibility, usability and user experience we are building the most progressive platform for wealth and asset managers. This allows the latter to focus on their core business and not having to deal with IT-infrastructure, back office and paperwork.

Finding solutions for the upcoming complex regulatory needs of the industry is our challenge. We believe that the technology will make the difference for those who last.

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ONE API allows any application direct access to ONE PM's asset consolidation and securities accounting services via a fully documented REST API, including multi-factor authentication. It allows authorized parties access to consolidated and reconciled securities over an unlimited number of banks. Scope of services: Fully documented API Asset consolidation over an unlimited number......

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ONE PM go!

Ready-to-use portfolio management tool - fully pre-defined and operational portfolio management environment at very competitive rates.  It particularly includes: Complete CRM functionality - All functions related to the successful fulfillment of an asset manager's core business: professional service for the clients. Full PMS, including asset consolidation & reconciliation - Integration and consolidation of......

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ONE wealth

Compliant CRM The financial world is rapidly changing. Regulatory requirements like MIFID II and FIDLEG are difficult to predict. ONE PM provides everything you need to comply with current and future regulatory changes: from risk scoring, to investor qualification questionnaires and automated alerts for violated restrictions, you will find all you need in one tool. Furthermore, with the platform......

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