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Beyond Cash

Enabling Open Banking

ONE PM is a Swiss software development company in the B2B business specialising in automated financial data processing. ONE PM will become the leading financial data provider in Europe with its unique technology.

Over a 10 billion transactions are processed by financial services providers worldwide every year. The banks provide electronic data, but the data is not available to the public. Each bank uses its own format. Consolidating or comparing securities portfolios is only possible with a great deal of manual effort and time delay.  

Digitalisation in the financial world
The software enables automated and efficient processing of financial data according to the latest regulatory standards, in the highest possible quality. ONE PM has a solution that centrally processes and standardises all securities transactions - regardless of their origin. The data is standardised and made available to each customer in the desired form on a daily basis.

Advantage for customers
Daily consolidated view of their financial data, over 80% cost savings through automation, exponentially higher earnings potential in relation to software investment costs.

ONE PM Solutions

ONE Data

REST-driven access to all your portfolios, positions and financial transactions. The fully documented API allows you to access your data at any time and supports custom exports for the financial accounting tools or any other front-end tools. One Data Features and More: Data Consolidation and Integration The seamless consolidation and integration of financial......

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ONE Platform

A highly flexible data model that simultaneously fulfills your regulatory requirements. The modular structure allows a customized design of the tool and thus a maximum optimization of your processes: Investment Reporting, Compliance Monitoring, CRM and more. One Platform Features and More: Ready-to-use Portfoliomanagement Instantly use the most powerful portfolio management features. Drill down......

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